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From the desk of Tina Snodgrass, APRN:

I am a board certified Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience and training in Dermatology, skin care and cosmetic procedures. I have been practicing dermatology for two decades, and I have connected with hundreds of patients, each with their own stories and skincare concerns. I have encountered people with every type of skin condition – some seeking preventative advice and treatments, and  others who struggled with more serious conditions. While every patient is unique, there are universal lessons that apply to anyone who is unsatisfied with their skin.

There is so much to learn about your skin and how to take care of it. With so many different brands of skincare products on the market finding the right products for you can be difficult. I provide you with a solution to your search for quality skincare products that actually work. All of the products by Skin Vogue offer you a safe and effective way to care for your skin. Skin Vogue will help bridge the gap between an office visit and a trip down the skincare aisle by providing quality products that work for everyone.